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How I came across Kind At Heart Ministries is a bit of a fascinating story. Sometimes when our plans do not work out how we imagine, it's often because God has a different and better plan that is more suitable for our needs. My name is Abigail Falksen, and I am a Family and Human Services major at John Brown University. And as you might guess, God had a different plan for me this summer than originally planned.

At the end of last semester at JBU, I sensed that God wanted me to stay in the Siloam Springs area for the summer. At the time, I was hoping to work with kids and low-income families in the community, so I arranged to be an intern at a local nonprofit that works with this population.

When I returned to Siloam Springs after a short visit home, however, I found out that the non-profit was no longer in need of an intern. It was then that I realized God must've had something else in mind for me. Trusting in His promise to keep me in Siloam Springs, I began asking Him what I was to do next.

Later that day, I shared with Leola Leetch (a new friend of mine) that my plans for an internship did not go as I had imagined. "Coincidentally," I met her son Dave at that time and began learning about Kind at Heart Ministries . . . a faith-based organization in Siloam Springs. One conversation led to another, and within a short period of time I was "signed on" to be an intern with this ministry. Little did I know that God had a plan for me to love on some of the elderly and disabled members of this community . . . a stark contrast to what I originally had in mind for the summer.

Since the first day that God brought me into this ministry, I could not have anticipated the joy that I would experience in serving these Neighbors of Siloam Springs.

I've jumped into serving others through hands-on service (see picture above), I've driven all over Siloam Spring with Sena Knudsen (Encouragement Program), and I've had the honor of getting to know some incredible individuals packed full of wisdom, humor, and unique gifts and talents. Being on this team has been a perfect fit.

Abigail (second from left) joins DaySpring employees to stain a ramp for one of our friends & Neighbors.

I am convinced that members of younger and older generations can learn a lot from each other when they are intentional to listen to one another, lend a hand, and share experiences that allow for teaching, growth and flourishing.

I'd love it if you'd join me these next few weeks as I share a few things I'm learning this summer and introduce you to a couple folks who've been some pretty great teachers along the way. After all, each of us are on a journey, and some are further down the road than others. Who better to ask for directions than those who have already been where we are?

- Abigail

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