Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to emergency or immediate needs.  We believe in the importance of individualized and focused support, and take the time necessary to assess and meet needs accordingly.   

How do I apply for help? 

Do you provide emergency help? 

I know someone who could use help. How do I make a referral?

We LOVE working with community members who are concerned about their friends and "neighbors."  You help us bridge the gap to providing much-needed services. Just give us a call and we can talk you through how to connect someone you care about with Kind at Heart.  

If you are at least 70 or mobility impaired and live within a 15 mile radius of Siloam Springs, then you may be eligible to receive help through one of our programs. We ask that anyone who is interested in receiving help from KAH call us to get the application process started.  We will make a referral and/or begin the Application > Assessment > Review process.  It should be noted that some of our programs have a waiting list and are not readily available.

How will one know if they are eligible for help from KAH? 

We would love to visit with you. Please call the office and schedule an appointment to discuss the type of group you have and what volunteer opportunities might be available.

My work team and/or small group is interested in volunteering with KAH.  How do I get us signed up? 

Is there someone available to speak to my group/organization about KAH and needs of the aging? 

Yes!  Please call the Kind at Heart office and we will be happy to schedule a time for a representative to come and share with your group/organization.

I am interested in donating materials and/or goods. Can you provide me with a tax receipt? 

Kind at Heart is a 501(c)3 organization; all donations are tax-deductible.  Any in-kind donations should be discussed with a staff member prior to drop off in order to ensure that it/they will meet a ministry or client need.  We would be happy to provide you a tax receipt for items that meet this guideline. 

I would like to donate to a specific project or client need. How do I do that? 

It is encouraging to see neighbors, friends, and family provide financial support to a KAH client. We welcome designated gifts and would simply ask that you include a note with your check or online donation with the client and/or project name.  


Call our office at (479) 373-6281 between the hours of 1-5:00 PM on Monday - Friday. A staff member will talk you through the application process and answer any questions you may have about Kind at Heart services. 

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